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Prostate Cancer claims one man’s life every 45 minutes in the UK alone. The national charity Prostate Cancer UK funds life changing research as well as providing crucial information and support to everyone touched by this disease.

Prostate Cancer UK wanted to give families a chance to remember their loved ones in the form of a permanent national memorial as well as create a focal point for increasing awareness and fundraising. Prostate Cancer UK asked We Make. You Think to create this unique piece.


Prostate Cancer Memorial



Martin said about the sculpture that “the triangle is the strongest form in nature and it’s use is inspired by the outline shape of the outstanding Prostate Cancer UK Man of Men logo.
I wanted the memorial to embrace Prostate Cancer UK's strength and ability to protect, guide and nurture those who need it most.

The pyramid allowed for four such triangles, giving a natural space not only for the logo but most critically for the In Memoriam purpose of the sculpture. I decided that if the surfaces were reflective there could also be a hint of optimism, wonder and hope engendered by them reflecting the sky or wider space around the observer.

The final form had to profoundly respect those whose names it is honoured to carry, it had to be tender enough for people to engage with it but equally bold enough to help raise awareness for those so far untouched by prostate cancer.”


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