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This limited edition series of prints ‘Refraction’ was born out of our desire to reflect upon the pandemic.

Whilst the overarching purpose of Refraction is to commemorate, each prism image also represents one of the outstanding attributes of the British people – including  Courage, Kindness and Dedication - so profoundly amplified during the pandemic.

The effect of refraction itself is to create a spectrum of colour, paying tribute to the way the whole country embraced the NHS.

‘Refraction’ is defined as a change of direction as a result of a change of speed. Could anything be more apposite for the effect of the pandemic? It caused us all to look at every aspect of our lives through a new lens.
It led us to re-evaluate what’s important and how we engage with our work, our community and our loved ones.

It led us to a wider appreciation of our key workers and to the brilliance of our scientists.
The way the prisms point up to the open sky suggest a sense of optimism, of looking forward.

As the Chair of the UK Commission on Covid Commemoration said, we need to collectively ’shape how we can reflect and remember this extraordinary moment in our collective history’

These Limited E
dition prints were created by Martin and stand, literally, as finished artworks in themselves.

Striking, strong, part of the story but each independent from the other.

All prints are Giclée, on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag and have a Certificate of Authenticity, detailing the exact Edition details, signed by Martin Barraud.

The prints are hand made by Neal Scrace of Fine Art Services in Kent. Neal is a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild and has been awarded the status of a certified ART SURE printer by the Guild.


‘All print editions registered with ArtSure are made using the manufacturers’ original inks, so you can be sure you are getting optimal results from the fine art digital printer model used. The Guild’s print quality standards are tried and tested, having been established for many years. Those standards remain exactly the same for digital prints within the ArtSure scheme.

Each registered ArtSure print edition can be searched on our database using artist, title or the registration number for the edition or ArtSure member. The Fine Art Trade Guild register of prints has been helping customers since 1847; ArtSure carries on this tradition for Digital Fine Art Prints.’


A Limited Edition of 20 for each image, encompassing all sizes.

A2 £900 

A1 £1,400

AO £2,000

Bespoke size below A1 - £1,400

All sales include VAT and are subject to Edition availability. 


The prints are unframed and the prices are plus packaging & delivery.

Limited Edition Prints


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