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CFM is the world’s leading producer of jet engines for single-aisle aircraft. Naturally it also has a significant business supplying authentic spare parts for those engines. CFM wanted to create an innovative and engaging way to remind its customers that it was the only place to buy validated high-quality spares.

CFM’s agency, Gravity Global, wanted to use a physical structure to reinforce the message and asked Martin to create and photograph a life size model of the CFM 56 aero engine out of cardboard boxes. The boxes represented those that the spares would be delivered in and reminded customers that every one of their engines was made up of hundreds of high quality highly engineered parts.

CFM International



The engine was painstakingly created from over 200 boxes in one week and stood over 2 metres high when completed.

Gravity Global described the impact of the use of a physical structure in the ad as “stunning” and that “the ‘making of’ video offered the company multiple opportunities to reinforce its key messages of creativity, innovation and reliability.”  

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